Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Letter

I know you have already seen this pic., but this is the pic on our Christmas card, so I'm posting it again. Here is our Christmas letter too. Sorry i was not able to send one to each and every one of you. Just know if you are reading this, we love and appreciate you and wish you Happy Holidays!

I have actually stressed a bit over attempting to write this Christmas letter. I have received such fun, creative, and entertaining letters in the past, yet I have no idea how to join in on the yearly originality. So, goal for this year: FINISH FIRST CHRISTMAS LETTER EVER!

2009 has been a year to remember for us. We have been so blessed. It began with the crazy plan to leave the perfectly warm weather and familiarity of Arizona, to venture up the road to the unknown freezing and friendly Boise Idaho. Next was the whirlwind of a wedding in March which came and went with a single breath. Don’t forget to add in the mixture of Eric’s new business, and my new job. Sounds like nothing, I know, but it has proven to be a lot of ups and downs and long hours. (ok, mostly for EricJ)

Eric and his business partner started a new Dental Lab, WhiteCap Dental Studio. It’s just the two of them and they are really busy and doing well. Eric puts in many long hours and is getting faster and improving each day. I couldn’t be more proud of the success he has created. He loves Boise and spent a lot of his free time mountain biking and enjoying the great outdoors earlier this year. He is now super excited for the winter season, especially snowboarding.

I started working at St Luke’s in the Surgical ICU. Talk about a challenge. Here it is a year later, and I’ve mastered very little, except for dropping every piece of expensive equipment I can get my hands on. That, and the phone number to feed my patients. I’ve met quite a few very nice people, and have come to the conclusion living in Boise will make me younger, for a common thread I have found is that everyone here looks younger than they are! Anyway… As Christmas approaches, I find myself struggling to create my own traditions and Christmas projects. I still find myself at ‘home’, in Eagar, with my mom- and feeling so inept. I finally decided it will come…

It has been an interesting year, as we have adjusted to a new community, new jobs, new friends, new marriage, and our new family aka… the dogs. For those of you who roll your eyes at how I am with my dogs…keep rolling cause they are still my babies! It has been fun adding Eric’s Pit-mix to my little fur balls. Their personalities are so funny and they make us laugh. I will admit, this transition to Idaho has been harder for me than for Eric, but as I reflect and think about life here, there are so many things I appreciate and love. I am excited to see what the next year has in store for us.

Most Importantly, Christmas is about family, love, giving, and above all, our Savior Jesus Christ. We hope as the season comes and goes, you continue to reflect and focus upon those “Tender Mercies” and “Miracles” which flood our lives. May we all remember the ‘June flowers in the December of our lives’ and face each new day with faith and courage, remembering the sacrifice & Love of our Savior!

Happy Holidays, and please know WE LOVE YOU!
Eric, Alisha, Drake, Chuy and Barkley
Disclaimer: The dogs in the picture…My idea. Eric- “It’s Ridiculous!”

Monday, December 14, 2009

A little of this.....and that....

Meet kameron. He is just flat goofy. and getting into trouble. Latest funny....he threw a library book in the toilet. Why? His friend dared him. Next....he picks on others through writing comics. Who does that????? Soooo cute. But he is reminding me of someone......

Here is Eric, admiring his new phone once again:)

My sisters playing Sleigh Ride, and their loves, attempting to turn the pages for them. it was fun at thanksgiving. Seeing family. having fun.

Meet Dorothy. My sister's Mother-in-law. She has been so wonderful to all of us kids, and grandkids. Not to mention her cooking is Awesome!!!!

This is a commong site whenever Eric is around my nieces and nephews. This is the product of Korey, sneaking around the back of the chair to scare Eric....and of course, getting busted....Just like he Loves! They really do love "that boy in the blue hat!" (Aka Eric)
I was very glad to get to go home for Thanksgiving. it did me good! miss you AZ! and Miss you all my friends and family!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy 29th Birthday Eric!

Eric had his 29th birthday a coulel days ago. Not a huge celebration, but hopefully enough for now. :) He got his present earlier in the week, the new Verizon "Droid" phone. He says he loves it. I hope so. This is a picture from the summertime. I just think he is sooooo cute, so I had to share it in honor of his day.
Sunday night, for his birthday, we had some new friends come over for dinner and dessert. Ethan, Emily and their son Silas. Here are a couple pics. This is Silas and me, and I just got a kick out of his reaction to me picking him up. What a cutie. It made me miss my little guys in AZ. I'll get to see them next week:)

This is Emily with Silas. Such a hoot! We had a good time just hanging out, talking, watching some TV/movie, playing with Trains, dogs....and laughing. We are so glad to have finally met these guys. They live just down the street, and that is nice. They are so nice and so fun. Whenever we hang out, we just laugh and laugh. Thanks for coming over guys!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Posted backward, but here's the last picture.....

Here is the one picture Michael took of just us. and I know he had to do major touch ups, cause it was beginning the down pour. It was fun. Thanks Michael for fitting us into your schedule. I always LOVE seeing you. So, what ya'll think. Dogs? No dogs?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

another one.....

Here is another one. Love the black dog in this pic. He is such a big baby. Too bad people are scared of him. Ok.....maybe the dogs are too much. BUT-They are my 'family.' I loves them to pieces. :) lol

hahahaha....."our" family picture.

So.....In Eric's words, it's "Ridiculous" we have the dogs in the picture. Of course, I say anyone who knows me, and my dogs....can see why. But the story is.....We had my cousin Michael take some pictures of us. Well, we got to his 'spot' and were there literally 6 minutes (ok, maybe 7) and it started down pouring. The plan was to take a bunch with the dogs, and then more with just Eric and I. In the end, sadly, we only got like 4 pics that even turned out, and that was with the help of Photoshop......Thought I'd post them. What do you think. Too cheesy to use a pic with the dogs in it for a Christmas card?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another trip to Vernal

Last weekend, Eric and I.....headed to utah for the wedding of my cousin Mike. The wedding was awesome and fun. I'm so happy for them.
After that....we headed out to Eric's mom's place.....where we totally just relaxed, played games, ate good food, and ended the trip with my favorite. Riding horses.

this is Marie, Eric's mom, me, and Dustin. We only had a little while, due to Dustin working nights, so we just rode around in the arena. No problem for me. Just happy to be riding. It has been way too long.
Say Cheese!

Dustin the show Off. Was really riding around like this. Ok, not that far, but it was funny.

Eric didn't ride, cause he had a bad dream he got bucked off, and broke some he opted to stay off the horses this trip. I was sad.....but can't imagine if his dream HAD come true. Noone could do his work....and the potential to lose dentists....Anyway. Good times regardless.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

I didn't really have time to download any other sorry, these have already been posted! I went over to a friends house to get something. This friend, is recently expecting, and her mom was here to spend a week helping prepare the nursey and decorate things in preparation for the baby. It was fun to see them sewing their brains out with blankets, and bumpers, and everything else. It made me happy. then it made me sad. Really.....It just made me long for my mom......
Normally.....I do okay. I don't linger on and on and wallow in the sadness. but I have found the more years go by....the harder it is....
I am sorry for you readers, who continue to read these posts about my parents. But that is life! It's my blog....and I get to write what I want! :)
Anyway....Yesterda was my mom's birthday. So, I just wanted to wish her a
Happy Birthday!
What I wanted to do, is ask for those of you readers who knew my mom..... to leave a comment....and tell me a random memory you may have of her. I anticipate comments about her laughter, or her Chapstick hiding please share! I'm anxious to hear how others knew her:)

Thanks for the memories in advance!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Mountain Biking at Bogus

My sister came to visit this past weekend. It was too short of a visit, but it was fun none-the-less. We headed up to the local ski resort and did some mountain biking. paid to have the lift take our bikes to the top....and cruised on down. Good times.
Here is Angie....almost down one of the trails we went down.
We rode up this one trail that had an awesome view. plus an awesome drop off. I was scared. I hate heights!
bottom of the hill.
Eric was in heaven out mountain biking. We slowed him down a lot. but he was a good sport.

It was nice having another visitor. The first from my side of the family. (hint....hint) Thanks for coming Angie!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I remembered something.....

I remembered something the other day. It was important. It took me back a few when I decided I would pursue being a nurse. Usually I spend the days (and nights) on my new floor, running around staying exhaustingly busy, completing task after task, talking to doctors, ordering meals, getting patients up, putting patients back to bed, administering medications, titrating medications to keep vital signs in just the right range, checking blood sugars every hour, on the hour, talking to families, turning patients side to side, checking skin, running back and forth room to room, boosting patients, answering the phone, going to procedures, providing oral hygiene, pulling blood, giving blood, hanging more medications.....the list goes on and on including the crazy amount of manditory documentation in 9 different places. it's crazy. but.....the other day, I remembered why I loved my job.

Humility. Gratitude. Love.

It keeps you, and in "you" i definitely mean "me"---Humble and grateful for every breath and for health and especially for life. Life is so so precious....and no matter the technology, no matter the Doctor's smarts, no matter the nurses' help, God is in charge. People come into our hospital all the time, never with the slightest inckling....that their loved one will not leave alive. How sad and.....awful it is to watch those couples. You know which ones. The ones who have been together so long, that they don't know life without them. They don't know 'how' to live without the other. The ones where the patient can't even be calm without their spouse by their side. The ones that just touch your heart. The ones that just break you heart. The ones who try so hard to be strong...and supportive....and hold it together, as they try their hardest to let their loved one "go."

In the last two weeks I have had tears in my eyes as I've watched a few different patients and families struggle through their turmoil of 'sickness.' It not only took me back to my own parents, wondering how it was for my mom as my dad slipped through her hands and landed in the realms of heaven. Or how it was for my mom, to struggle with letting go and find herself with her sweetheart, only to leave us kids behind. Oh to know what went on inside my parents. I cannot wait to find out one day why our family.

It also makes me wonder about the future. With all the struggles and trials in losing both parents so early......I can't help but worry, knowing this can't be the end of my trials, nor the hardest. Or could it? After these experiences, what else could there be? Will I make be one of the sweet couples who gets to experience a long long life with my sweetheart? I hope so.

It all ties back to the Gospel. And the knowledge of forever families! Thank goodness for that. And thank goodness for choices. The choice to be happy....the choice to keep going...the choice to try and do good for others.

Today....I remember why I love my job! It is important. It is real. It reminds me......about the good!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yellowstone stop over.....

The family picture near the end of a day's adventure through Yellowston andon our way to jackson Hole. Robert, Lynette, me, Eric, Scott, Kobe, Spencer, Abbey, Kendra and Dustin. Missing Daren who is on a mission, and Scott's wife Amanda who had to work. Good good times this day. Thanks Robert! And Lynette!

Kobe and Abbey are the most adorable and such good kids.
This is our lunch break, while we wait for Old Faithful to brew.

Robert and Lynette by the awesome Mesa Falls.

This is so dang beautiful!

the only animals we saw through the park, were Buffalo and Elk. Nothing too exciting about Elk,,,and this was ok. I was hoping for Moose, but no luck.
This is the bear/wolve place. it was cool.

Sweet Abbey

First stop. Mesa falls. Silly picture. No makeup, and sleepy face.

Good times!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

....I may not make it....

....according to my most recent patient. :)

Ok. So, I am at work tonight, and I have what appears to be the sweetest lady as my patient. Well, She is sweet. However, I had been previously warned this patient was particularly racist and had been kind of a pain to everyone throughout the day. According to the patient, "Everyone should be protestant and white!"

Well, I went in, introduced myself, and told her I was going to be taking care of her throughout the night. Immediately she asked if my name, "Alisha" was a Bask name. (Bask name?) Ok, so I am not all that smart-cause at first of all, I couldn't even hear what she was saying. Second, I had no idea what she was talking about. It was not until later it all came together and I was educated on what she was getting at. So, at the time I told her I didn't think so, and she proceeded to tell me my name was pretty.

She continued to ask questions, to try and get acquainted with me, The usual. Almost anyone working in health care would admit; sometimes, it's just easier to keep the peace. One tends to do what you can to make it a calm and cooperative and quiet shift. Omit certain truths, avoid answerine some questions, whatever it takes without going overboard.

So she asks if I'm catholic. "No". She asks if my parents were Catholic. "No," I tell her they had both passed on. (my attempt at changing the subject shockingly as to avoid her favorite topic of religion.) I also asked her if she was CAtholic. She told me no and what she is. We chat about my folks, and she continues to compliment me all sweet. I now call her my "chatty Patty."

Time passed and I walk in about an hour later to give some IV medication. SHe immediately grabbed my hand and held it tight. I just assumed she didn't want to be alone, & needed some company while she fell asleep. Afterall her eyes were closed. I watched her face and soon realized her mouth was moving. It took just a minute, but I finally figured out she was praying. Weird kinda, but ok. So, I figured I'd just stand there, let her pray.

The prayer in which she offered, goes something as follows. (The parts I remember.) Half of it is mumbled under her breath, the other half split between spoken, cried, and yelled....

"Lord, thank you. thank you Lord. (repeated at least 6 times.) Thank you for this sweet nurse. Thank you.... and bless her Lord. Bless the girl to meet her sweet parents one day Lord. I know the day is near Lord. Thank you. The day is near and bless she will see her parents again. It is 1912---(pause---what?????) and we know the day is near Lord. The Lord is coming soon. I had a dream. I dreamed we were all at my brothers bed Lord, and all the family was gathered round. All except one brother. One brother Lord. And he was LDS and so we know he didn't make it. Oh bless him Lord. I need to pray for him Lord. Oh Bless him, bless he and his wife, for they were LDS and we know they didn't make it. Oh bless them. I have to pray for them...." Multiple phrases repeated over and over and over. At this point, she is loud! Crying out, and speaking in tongues amist the bless and thank yous, words I could hear, but not understand. I could swear she was saying Hakuna Matata. Who knows.

Here's the picture. So, here I am, in this room with this patient who is pregressively getting louder, and louder, and more emotional and teary, and upset and really into it. And her blood pressure is climbing and climbing...and her heart rate is climbing and climbing....and alarms are ringing, and more alarms are ringing....and I'm standing there...and people are looking in.....and I am standing there, holding her hand and she is loudly praying. I have no control.

Finally I put my hand on her arm, trying to comfort and calm her....and she gets irritated because she doesn't "CARE about her blood pressure cause Jesus will take care of it." Ah!, moral of the story? I don't guess I have one. It was just and interesting conversational/prayer-ish/experience. Thought i'd just warn you LDS-folks. :) We just might not make it.
Funny thing is-never at any point did I mention or even slightly hint at my religion. Wierd.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Old pictures of family.

My cousin Brandy posted some of these pics on facebook, and so I stole them to post on here. I love them. It makes me wish more adults were alive and close in my life to re-tell me the stories I've already heard and forgotten, and also to tell me the ones I haven't heard. This picture is of my dad's parents, apparently gardening. They were cool like that. From my understanding, between the two of them, there was not much they did not know how to do. My favorite of granny (or one of the many) is the fact she used to be a cook at a restaurant where they lived, and John Wayne used to eat there often, and preffered her cooking. She was an AMAZING cook. How cool is that. My granny used to chill with Mr. Wayne back in the day....

Oh man....who knows how old this picture is. They look so young and my dad still has black hair. I don't remember him having black hair in my lifetime. Always salt and pepper ish.

This I love. I actually remember this trip. As a family, and usually with the addition of many friends, we took a trip to Rocky Point Mexico nearly every year. This is way back before it actually became all popular and fixed up. This is aunt Wilda and mom gettin some rays. Who are they joking...well, at least my mom anyway was about as white as they come. She didn't get too tan. :) Apparently my mom was an awesome swimmer. I just remember her always heading out into the ocean to tread water forever...and it always made me soooo nervous.

I just love this picture....cause grampy looks so young.

And I just love this picture because. It's so random! My dad was usually very quiet, calm, laid back. I just love the fun pics. I love remembering. well,,,,,trying to remember more about him. It has been 13 years this year...and I have to sadly admit that I don't remember what it was like to have him around. Sure I remember doing things...and how he was...and random things. But, I do not remember what it's like, in daily life to have a dad. And....remembering what it's like to have a mom is quickly fading in my mind. It's crazy to think....that my spouse never met my cool folks....but that I may have kids.....who won't meet them either.

Anyway....thanks for the pics Brand-ex:) I may need more:)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Zion National Park

This year, we had a reunion for my mom's side of the family. The Bowers!
The last time i remember us all being together, well besides for grandma bowers funeral, then my mom's funeral, was way back when I was 13-14 years old. We just don't get together that often. It was great. We stayed at Zion Ponderosa some camped, some stayed in their travel trailers, some camped with tents....and it was awesome. they had a big nice pool with fun water slides and a huge barn full of kid activities: Ping pong, rock climbinb, tennis, trampoline, pool, etc. It was great.
We spend one day actually at Zion park. Only took a small hike to the weeping wall. So this huge rock just leaks water pretty much. The water is years and years and years old. Crazy. It was a nice cool off to a hot day. On the way home, i took this picture of Korey, who was SOOOO tired and SOOO fighting it. I finally caught his eyes closed, but they popped right back open... just a family thing. there are many pics in the history of our family....with our tongues touching our noses. I thought everyone could do it. Tis not so! Try it.

So.....this picture is....
Leisel-representing my mom
Cynthis-representing uncle Ken, although they been divorced for years, she is and will always be our family
Dave and Linda Su-mom's oldest brother
Susie and Lynn-mom's baby sister
then John and Judy-mom's bro
and Bob and Pat-mom's bro

It was so hot, and Eric tried to be happy following around this strange family to him :) No matter where he went, he always ended up surrounded by our nieces and nephews.

At the pool, he would take turns, sliding down with the kids standing in front of him, and when they got to the edge, he would throw them out into the water. Good times. Looked way fun and kinda hard.

It was great to see family. Of course, it didn't go without 'issues' but what family function does. Love my family. Will see them in TWO years:) for Grandpa Bowers 100th birthday remembrance/celebration.

Lake lowell- i think.

Eric's partner, Sean, and his wife Tina took Eric and I, and Andy and Jen to the lake a couple weeks ago. I was reluctant to go....only because I'm always tired now-a-days, but it was a blast! There was wake boarding, Knee boarding, some tubing. I'm not too good at all. But it was fun. Here is Eric trying to do the sprinkler move just before he crashed.

Looking silly, but having a blast.

Eric again....wanting to do more than just go forward. I.e-jump, spin, roll, dive....whatever.

Here is Sean and one of his jumps.

I think the jacket was a bit......loose.:)

Good times. Thanks Sean and Tina for an awesome time. Gotta say, I hope we go again before it gets cold. Afterwards there was yummy pizza and a mad rockband session! Couldn't ask for more.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July....part I

Part one of the 4th of July trip, did have the class reunion. Afterwards, I decided to go keep Laura and Clare and their husbands and other friends company at Java Blues! Good Good times. People say the darndest things with the littlest of alcohol in their system. VERY entertaining.

This is Connie Slade (forgot her new last name) with her daughter Angela and my sister Angie with Cimmeron. I cannot believe how much he has grown. He hates when we tease him, but it completely trips me out that his voice has changed. He is no-longer little CJ. But my little buddy, none the less. Love this kid.
Zoe and Ali, doing a bunch of different faces for me. This was the angry face. These girls are Girls through and through. Love it.

Zoe is into posing. So this is us together after her family's photo shoot.

Another one of cimmeron and me. Look how close he is to totally passing me. This is NOT Allowed!

The Kam! So dramatic sometimes. Refusing to smile for a picture with his mom.

Tom, Marnie and "Little Man." Also known as Korey.
this is all the nieces and nephews, minus Cimmeron and Jonathan....oh, and Kristina (the brand new baby.) Gonna have to get used to saying 13 nieces and nephews. Not just 12. Ok, from back left curving around the table to the front... Zachary, Kameron, Korey, Kaulin, Ali, Catherin, Samantha, Zoe, and Jessica. Wait, that means I'm missing Keilani too. I think she was in the bedroom playing.
This little turkey, has not warmed up to me yet at all. But once he saw me with a camera, he kept wanting pictures taken of him on his horses. I told him to make a silly face for me. This is what I got:)
This trip home was much needed. Feeling so detached and far away from my family has been much harder than I thought, as well as harder than i wanna admit. It was awesome seeing friends too. I was extra happy to come back to see Eric and my little 'family' of dogs. Something about the trip helped me gain a little perspective and that I appreciate.