Sunday, November 30, 2008

More of Cabo: and Thanksgiving

Here is the awesome sunset on our last night....on the walk to our suprise picnic.

A couple walking by offered to take our photo....this is minutes after the big Question.
We went on a dinner cruise Thursday night. Although once again it was completely Over-priced---The band was awesome....the food was fantastik....and the sunset/view was killer. Ended up being one of my favorite parts of the trip.

Here is the main attraction in Cabo. "The Arch." Where the Sea of Cortez meets the pacific ocean. Plus a whole lot of awful smelling sea lions. It was cool tho.

Hard to believe, this was actually Eric's first time in the ocean....This is us before we burned ourselves on the trip.
Thanks to everyone for the supportive comments and excitement for our big news. We will tell more as we know more. RIght now just concentrating on the move to Boise. Eric was supposed to leave yesterday, however there are some issues with the office he is moving into. Some kinks have yet to work themselves out. So, he is here for a few more days. Good for me! He is busy moving his stuff and building a dog house for his Drake! His pit-bull Border Collie mix who will take residence here with me til I move. Good dog. Nervous around other animals I think, and my dogs are not sure/terrified of the giant. Good times.
Thanksgiving was awesome. We spent the day hanging out with Marnie....then ate dinner at her in-laws with all my family except Scott and Julianne. They were not able to make the trek to Sierra Vista. We missed them, but had a wonderful dinner. After long conversations that day, it sure made me thankful for my family and parents and the awesome support and love they continuously showed not only us, their own family, but EVERYONE and ANYONE who knew them. It gets especially hard on the holidays to be reminded of every tradition ever known to me is no longer fully there...and our hearts long for our parents. Still....we know they are in a better place, helping us from the other side!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


We Just got back from an incredible week in Cabo San Lucas! Talk about doing nothing but nothing! I don't know when the last time was i did so much nothing! It was great! We stayed right on the beach in someplace by Melia, and everyday went outside in the morning and layed on these little beds, and looked at the ocean and bathed in the sun! This is a small portion of our view....and picture below is where we stayed. It was really nice. We spent some time on wave runners, kayaks, (me once, eric twice cause I was chicken) Eric did some snorkeling while I got a massage. We ate a lot of overly priced, tiny portioned, not the greatest mexican food compared to here.....but found a few awesome plates as well. We were asked a billion times each hour if we wanted to buy something...(whatever it was they were selling....) you can see by all those people in white.....I can't believe how many times they walked up and down that beach.

Anyway.......Now we are getting to the greatest part of the entire trip! So, I don't know how many people know how Eric and I met. Well, we were set up on a blind date by Briauna and Cameron. When talking about it, neither one of us really wanted to go. Another long distance the whole Blind date angle. Reluctantly, we both agreed, and finally met late one night in Mesa. Eric picked me up and we went and ate (shared the food even) wings and salad. We chatted for hours (well, he did...) jk. He was rather chatty in a good way. It was comfortable and easy and we laughed A LOT! It was kind of down hill from that point. We spent a lot of weekends together, and had lots of fun. We went up mount lemon, and I took him to a Rascal Flatts concert (front row)....and to that point he still had not kissed me :)
Well, we have been dating for over a year.......and while we were in Cabo he got sneaky. We planned on going on a dinner cruise one night. I asked him to set it up, make the reservation, etc. He did. He was out talking to the concierge lady a LONG time. And when he came back, it was ready to go for that night. Nothing strange. So we went and that was amazing. (I"ll post pics later) There was an awesome live rock band on the top deck, the food was the best I've had...and the entertainment was......entertaining. It was a great night. We only had one more full day left in Cabo.
So the next day, I spent on the beach after a massage and Eric went snorkeling and stuff. We didn't really know what to do for dinner, so after cleaning up, we just went for a walk. Or,,,,what I thought was going to be just a walk. I figured it was the last night, and whatever was fine. Eric was acting perfectly normal. We took off walking in a different direction than most the food places, but I didn't think too much of it. He had mentioned getting ice cream earlier, so I thought we were just getting ice-cream. We kept walking, and occasionally I would ask, "where are we goin." He would just say, "for a walk." and that was fine for me. I was walking slow however, cause I was tired and my feet hurt.
As we got past a majority of the resorts into a small local beach area before the next resort, he started to push me up the beach area a little. I still was looking down at the sand, completely oblivious to my surroundings. Finally, after a few more urges up the sand, I looked up and saw this:

I kept saying, "what are you doing?", completely believing we were about to walk through somebody's perfectly romantic little picnic. He somewhat motioned to it, and again I asked "what are you doing?" Finally he said, "this is for us." AND I WAS SHOCKED! Instantly my heart started pounding out of my chest, and I was screaming inside to myself, "THIS IS IT! THIS IS IT! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
So we sat down after taking some pictures of it.....and he told me the story of how he had conspired with one of the girls who works at our resort to help him out on her day off. She put it all together and IT WAS PERFECT! She (Elena) was an angel. She told us she put all her love into it and was so excited to be a part of his surprise!
With the planning on his part, the only thing he couldn't do was get me to "not" snack prior to our little adventure. So by this time, I am not that hungry. But we snacked and tried a little of everything and drank our soda's in our wine glasses...and just chatted. At this point time has gone by, and I am thinking the surprise is the romantic picnic, at sunset, and nothing more. And I was quite content with all his effort and energy he put into it...and how amazing it was.
I got up to run to a resort for the restroom. When I got back, we ate some more. In looking back, Eric was a little fidgety. He was sitting, then standing, then sitting, then standing. Then out of no-where he is standing and says "I also got you this." and handed me a poem. I read it in the little light we had, but it of course brought tears to my eyes. I still just thought it was a nice touch to a special night.
Then: Eric pulls my hand upward, to stand me up, and I did. I was standing, my hand ran down his arm and into his hand.....where I felt the little white box. My eyes had to be the size of quarters and I started to freak out (in the best way possible) as I was freaking out, starting to cry, Eric was kneeling on one knee and asking me to marry him!!!!!!!
Seriously! Of course you see this set up and you suspect....but he really had me believing it was not gonna happen with all the non-chalantness....then BAM! he truly surprised me. My heart was crazy, I really did cry......and It was absolutely perfect!
Unfortunately, he had to talk over my freak out cause I felt the box too soon.........but it worked out perfectly for me anyway. I said Yes!!!!! and that's about all we know for now.
Here is a picture of the MOST AMAZING RING EVER! and he picked it out all by himself! What can I say.....the man has great taste!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Half Marathon---Everyone Runs!

SO......Somewhere about 11 weeks ago....I got the crazy hair to try to run a half marathon again! TMC was sponsoring the I decided to do it. Ya. Of course the weekly runs were no fun, and I kept asking myself "why?" Well, last Sunday came and went and I ran......after a week of not feeling well, going out of town, missing runs, I thought I was in big trouble. However, I made it! It's not you see, but I made it!!!
I ran a half in Dec 2006....wait, 05 maybe....can't remember. I finished it in 2:21, so this race I shaved off 10 minutes. Which, for me is awesome! I think I wanna do it again. then maybe again.

About 3 miles in....I kinda hooked myself onto these two older ladies who seemed to have a good pace. I kept up for maybe.....4-5 miles, and then had to drop back a bit. The first race I ran with my friend Nikki and her husband Kenny. So the time went fast....and they pushed me. This time it was all me.....Me and the IPOD! Could NOT have made it without it. Good times.
The first picture I swear is me taking the biggest breath of relief. The last mile was horrible! My shoulders felt like bricks I was so tense, and blisters were appearing on my toes. I think the bottom one was the last 3 miles stretch....just begging my mind to keep going.
It was awesome! I'm def doing that again!