Sunday, May 31, 2009

Meet the Zweifel/Smuin side.....

Looks like these ladies are getting all snookered up at the reception.
Eric's brother Scott got married in April. This is the luncheon after the wedding.
This is Scott (Eric's brother) and Amanda, the newly weds cutting their cake.
They then had a reception in Vernal. They had a pretty 'neat' style goin. Eric got to wear this sweet hat. I know the name of it....but can't for the life of me spell, for this's a hat. Plane and simple.
Eric's only niece and nephew so far. Kobe and Abbey! And they are adorable. Kobe is the smartest little guy ever! and that little sister is sneaky!

This is Eric's dad, and his date Lynette. I think if they break up we'll keep her and kick him out! :) Just kidding.....but they are a fun fun couple.

And this is Eric's mom Marie and her husband Kay Smuin with the grandkids for his side. Good times had at the Smuin house! Talk about a mean game of Mexican Train!
Kinda blurry....but here is Eric, kenneth and Dustin. The brothers, Minus one who is on his mission, Darren!

And of course one last pic of us! I just love this guy! How Lucky I am he found me! Love you tons babe!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More Dogs!

Yup! Another post about my awesome dogs. They are so fun on a day to day basis,,,,that I couldn't possibly describe that on a blog. So, I'm just gonna post pics to make myself feel better. They are my little family!:) As dumb as that may sound! Drake-has managed to petrify any-and-everyone who comes over. Where he is the biggest baby to us, he is definitely on the protective side, especially to those who have any fear of dogs.

This little guys dirty sweet face looks like an e-walk(spelling anyone?) He is always into, onto, in the middle of trouble, but is the biggest cuddler and loves attention. It's not nice to say he's my "not so intelligent" boy, but he is sooooo sweet and cute he makes up for it.

THis is the same guy, after walking around in the freshly mowed yard, and staining his paws green. Just another bath!
Here is my #1. Chuy was my first pup. He is the intelligent one, who only likes to cuddle on his conditions, in his time, in his way. LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!!

Both of these little guys LOVE to sit up on my lap. THey fight for it. So this day, Eric and I were just sitting at the table, chatting, and up came one.....then the other....and trust me, there was not enough room, they were not comfortable, but neither would get down. They just layed their heads on the table like the world was perfect!

Perhaps what made me post this, was the fact that another pretty special dog, (Grandma Neita's Cassie-for those of you that knew that dog) got hit in Eagar this past week. I remember after my mom died, when I would go to Eagar, I would end up over at Neita's house, sitting on the front porch, chatting and letting our dogs play. Sounds so little.....but when special people start leaving your life, you tend to find the tinyest moments that mean something to you, and hold on to them forever! I cried immediately when I heard about she was my own dog. But, she is with grandma neita now. And that's comforting!

Gift from Mom.

So, I wanted to post this....and show off the last gift from my mom. I have had it with me, but it has been put away, not to be pulled out until I got married. Well, then I got married and somewhat forgot about it. This is a blanket she and some awesome ladies up in RV had quilted for me for when I got married. I wish the picture could do it justice. I just love it! The detail....and colors. And I love it because it was from my mother of course! I really miss her!