Monday, August 30, 2010


So, it has been a very busy yet fun month. Finally i am feeling better. I actually do stuff. I spend many many weeks, on the couch, sleeping, in bed, sleeping, watching movies, tv, etc. It was awful. I felt awful...both physically, and just in general especially for Eric. I never wanted to do anything, but he was so sweet and helped me out and never complained. Now that that has passed, we have been busy looking and choosing a house to buy. Well, we found it, and our projected closing date is Sept 15th. Which is way exciting.

To make the month even better, we had my 20week Ultrasound last week. Yep! That means we know what we are having! Welcome to Baby GIRL Zweifel. We got some fun pics, so I'll try to get them on the computer soon. Now we are thinking about names. Any ideas? Leave me a message with your ideas. Not too traditional, but not too crazy, either. Please help!

Idaho Falls

Another trip we took in July, to the Zweifel Reunion in Idaho Falls. The little guys were SO tired after spending the night for the first time at an open kennel. They seemed to like it. Then they crashed!

We thought the temple there looked so pretty with the lights and the falls. Pictures just don't do it justice.

Back in June...

Back in June we had a piece, or 3 pieces, of home came to visit. Three of my awesome nephews. We had fun. They had fun....( I think) but I introduced them to Rockband...and this is their debut!...

I think it's hilarious Drake thinks he is a lap dog! I guess he gets a little jealous of the little guys!

Stupid Computer

My computer is being VERY dumb. I can't upload pictures the right way, so I never know what pictures I'm writing about. These are just a few of a hike we went on when My good friend Laura and David came to visit. It was the first time I'd done ANYTHING outside for weeks being that I didn't feel good 99.9% of the time. It was a beautiful day, and Drake had fun too!!!