Thursday, February 26, 2009

How do I Really like Idaho????

I hear this question a LOT, and looking out the window watching it hail this morning....made me really wonder. I try to be as optimistic as possible and focus on the really great things about this place. I really like getting to wear jackets and sweaters and sweatshirts and socks and shoes. After living in Thatcher, then Hawaii, then the Valley and Tucson, I was so ready to get out of the heat and away from sweating my brains out. I really like how I have yet to hear a negative word about living in "Boise". I have yet to meet someone who does not enjoy living here. I like how most people here really enjoy outdoor activities and enjoy staying active. (given-I have only met a small circle of people- but still.) I like the traffic (except when it snows and there is a blanket of ice on the roads. Not snow, straight up Ice and everyone is sliding all over.) I like the friendliness just whereever you go. I like spending time with some of Eric's family, and how welcoming and homey they are. In many ways, Eric's aunt reminds me of my mom.....or perhaps I just imagine that in wondering what it would be like if my mom were still here.

I really anticipated a whole lot more home-sick and tearful period than I have experienced. I had a really hard time the last few days before i left Tucson. Realizing my family would not be as close and the nieces and nephews who are truly sunshine in my life would be so far away! Many tears were shed!!! I'm not around too many kids up here, but those few moments, I long to hang out with my gang back in AZ.

My job has not been as great as I thought.....yet it has. I have struggled with the new system, but am adjusting slowly to it I think. I used to think I pick up on things pretty quickly compared to most, however, then intensity and level of care has added way more pressure to be precise and perfect in whatever I have to do. I believe as soon as I find more faith in myself and my ability in this new position-the rest will work out. I have met really nice people, and they are supportive and helpful at work.....I just can't wait to feel compitent in my job again.

Eric's business is doing pretty darn well, especially for these economic circumstances. I'm truly proud of all his hard work. However, that hard work brings much time away. He is pretty much all I know around here....and he has had to put many many many hours in a work. But who wouldn't have to starting your own business right-so I totally understand. He has good days, but many days his schedule is way longer than mine, and he is there til 9-10-11 at night, and I don't get to see him. Those are frustrating days. He doesn't let it show too much, but I know having to carry the pressure of completing things at work, highly stresses him out. He handles it nicely and still manages to be quite sweet to me. So I am thankful for that.

Only here two months, and we have already had family come see us. that was exciting. Eric's mom and Kay came a few weeks ago to hang out one weekend, and his dad came last weekend. I realized how nice it was actually having people in the house with me....instead of the constant and sole companionship of my doggies:) (And people wonder why I'm so attached to the darn things.) It made me think about my mom being alone all those years and probably really looked forward to any visitor she had.

All in all.......It is a roller-coaster ride being here, but I'm surviving. That's the name of the game. Fake it til you Make it, right? I mean, who doesn't struggle every day with one thing or another. Sorry for the vent.....but hey....its my blog, I can do what I want! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I found a few random pictures to post...but not much to post about. The weather here in Idaho is still cold. My job, is still hard but I'm liking it. Eric's business is taking up a LOT of his time, but it is growing and those two are working hard.
Oh, and ....I chopped and dyed my hair. So here it is. Not the best picture, but the only one I have. Gotta love my dog trying to bite my hand. Truth is, I hate it. The color I like, but the cut is awful. The girl cut it crooked, so there is a huge hole in the side, but I'm not cutting it again, til its a little longer. I didn't want it to be any shorter right now.

One afternoon we took the dogs up the mountain and played in the snow. They are so funny. Mine hope through the snow like bunnies, and I did give in and buy them jackets for outside. Eric face planted it coming down a hill after a picture.

This is just a random pic of Michael, Alicia and I after I got back from Cabo.

After chasing my dogs down in the snow.

This is Marnie's kids and I before I left move to idaho. I love love LOVE these kids. So fun and so sad to leave them.