Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Letter

I know you have already seen this pic., but this is the pic on our Christmas card, so I'm posting it again. Here is our Christmas letter too. Sorry i was not able to send one to each and every one of you. Just know if you are reading this, we love and appreciate you and wish you Happy Holidays!

I have actually stressed a bit over attempting to write this Christmas letter. I have received such fun, creative, and entertaining letters in the past, yet I have no idea how to join in on the yearly originality. So, goal for this year: FINISH FIRST CHRISTMAS LETTER EVER!

2009 has been a year to remember for us. We have been so blessed. It began with the crazy plan to leave the perfectly warm weather and familiarity of Arizona, to venture up the road to the unknown freezing and friendly Boise Idaho. Next was the whirlwind of a wedding in March which came and went with a single breath. Don’t forget to add in the mixture of Eric’s new business, and my new job. Sounds like nothing, I know, but it has proven to be a lot of ups and downs and long hours. (ok, mostly for EricJ)

Eric and his business partner started a new Dental Lab, WhiteCap Dental Studio. It’s just the two of them and they are really busy and doing well. Eric puts in many long hours and is getting faster and improving each day. I couldn’t be more proud of the success he has created. He loves Boise and spent a lot of his free time mountain biking and enjoying the great outdoors earlier this year. He is now super excited for the winter season, especially snowboarding.

I started working at St Luke’s in the Surgical ICU. Talk about a challenge. Here it is a year later, and I’ve mastered very little, except for dropping every piece of expensive equipment I can get my hands on. That, and the phone number to feed my patients. I’ve met quite a few very nice people, and have come to the conclusion living in Boise will make me younger, for a common thread I have found is that everyone here looks younger than they are! Anyway… As Christmas approaches, I find myself struggling to create my own traditions and Christmas projects. I still find myself at ‘home’, in Eagar, with my mom- and feeling so inept. I finally decided it will come…

It has been an interesting year, as we have adjusted to a new community, new jobs, new friends, new marriage, and our new family aka… the dogs. For those of you who roll your eyes at how I am with my dogs…keep rolling cause they are still my babies! It has been fun adding Eric’s Pit-mix to my little fur balls. Their personalities are so funny and they make us laugh. I will admit, this transition to Idaho has been harder for me than for Eric, but as I reflect and think about life here, there are so many things I appreciate and love. I am excited to see what the next year has in store for us.

Most Importantly, Christmas is about family, love, giving, and above all, our Savior Jesus Christ. We hope as the season comes and goes, you continue to reflect and focus upon those “Tender Mercies” and “Miracles” which flood our lives. May we all remember the ‘June flowers in the December of our lives’ and face each new day with faith and courage, remembering the sacrifice & Love of our Savior!

Happy Holidays, and please know WE LOVE YOU!
Eric, Alisha, Drake, Chuy and Barkley
Disclaimer: The dogs in the picture…My idea. Eric- “It’s Ridiculous!”

Monday, December 14, 2009

A little of this.....and that....

Meet kameron. He is just flat goofy. and getting into trouble. Latest funny....he threw a library book in the toilet. Why? His friend dared him. Next....he picks on others through writing comics. Who does that????? Soooo cute. But he is reminding me of someone......

Here is Eric, admiring his new phone once again:)

My sisters playing Sleigh Ride, and their loves, attempting to turn the pages for them. it was fun at thanksgiving. Seeing family. having fun.

Meet Dorothy. My sister's Mother-in-law. She has been so wonderful to all of us kids, and grandkids. Not to mention her cooking is Awesome!!!!

This is a commong site whenever Eric is around my nieces and nephews. This is the product of Korey, sneaking around the back of the chair to scare Eric....and of course, getting busted....Just like he Loves! They really do love "that boy in the blue hat!" (Aka Eric)
I was very glad to get to go home for Thanksgiving. it did me good! miss you AZ! and Miss you all my friends and family!