Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy 29th Birthday Eric!

Eric had his 29th birthday a coulel days ago. Not a huge celebration, but hopefully enough for now. :) He got his present earlier in the week, the new Verizon "Droid" phone. He says he loves it. I hope so. This is a picture from the summertime. I just think he is sooooo cute, so I had to share it in honor of his day.
Sunday night, for his birthday, we had some new friends come over for dinner and dessert. Ethan, Emily and their son Silas. Here are a couple pics. This is Silas and me, and I just got a kick out of his reaction to me picking him up. What a cutie. It made me miss my little guys in AZ. I'll get to see them next week:)

This is Emily with Silas. Such a hoot! We had a good time just hanging out, talking, watching some TV/movie, playing with Trains, dogs....and laughing. We are so glad to have finally met these guys. They live just down the street, and that is nice. They are so nice and so fun. Whenever we hang out, we just laugh and laugh. Thanks for coming over guys!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Posted backward, but here's the last picture.....

Here is the one picture Michael took of just us. and I know he had to do major touch ups, cause it was beginning the down pour. It was fun. Thanks Michael for fitting us into your schedule. I always LOVE seeing you. So, what ya'll think. Dogs? No dogs?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

another one.....

Here is another one. Love the black dog in this pic. He is such a big baby. Too bad people are scared of him. Ok.....maybe the dogs are too much. BUT-They are my 'family.' I loves them to pieces. :) lol

hahahaha....."our" family picture.

So.....In Eric's words, it's "Ridiculous" we have the dogs in the picture. Of course, I say anyone who knows me, and my dogs....can see why. But the story is.....We had my cousin Michael take some pictures of us. Well, we got to his 'spot' and were there literally 6 minutes (ok, maybe 7) and it started down pouring. The plan was to take a bunch with the dogs, and then more with just Eric and I. In the end, sadly, we only got like 4 pics that even turned out, and that was with the help of Photoshop......Thought I'd post them. What do you think. Too cheesy to use a pic with the dogs in it for a Christmas card?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another trip to Vernal

Last weekend, Eric and I.....headed to utah for the wedding of my cousin Mike. The wedding was awesome and fun. I'm so happy for them.
After that....we headed out to Eric's mom's place.....where we totally just relaxed, played games, ate good food, and ended the trip with my favorite. Riding horses.

this is Marie, Eric's mom, me, and Dustin. We only had a little while, due to Dustin working nights, so we just rode around in the arena. No problem for me. Just happy to be riding. It has been way too long.
Say Cheese!

Dustin the show Off. Was really riding around like this. Ok, not that far, but it was funny.

Eric didn't ride, cause he had a bad dream he got bucked off, and broke some he opted to stay off the horses this trip. I was sad.....but can't imagine if his dream HAD come true. Noone could do his work....and the potential to lose dentists....Anyway. Good times regardless.