Wednesday, August 12, 2009

....I may not make it....

....according to my most recent patient. :)

Ok. So, I am at work tonight, and I have what appears to be the sweetest lady as my patient. Well, She is sweet. However, I had been previously warned this patient was particularly racist and had been kind of a pain to everyone throughout the day. According to the patient, "Everyone should be protestant and white!"

Well, I went in, introduced myself, and told her I was going to be taking care of her throughout the night. Immediately she asked if my name, "Alisha" was a Bask name. (Bask name?) Ok, so I am not all that smart-cause at first of all, I couldn't even hear what she was saying. Second, I had no idea what she was talking about. It was not until later it all came together and I was educated on what she was getting at. So, at the time I told her I didn't think so, and she proceeded to tell me my name was pretty.

She continued to ask questions, to try and get acquainted with me, The usual. Almost anyone working in health care would admit; sometimes, it's just easier to keep the peace. One tends to do what you can to make it a calm and cooperative and quiet shift. Omit certain truths, avoid answerine some questions, whatever it takes without going overboard.

So she asks if I'm catholic. "No". She asks if my parents were Catholic. "No," I tell her they had both passed on. (my attempt at changing the subject shockingly as to avoid her favorite topic of religion.) I also asked her if she was CAtholic. She told me no and what she is. We chat about my folks, and she continues to compliment me all sweet. I now call her my "chatty Patty."

Time passed and I walk in about an hour later to give some IV medication. SHe immediately grabbed my hand and held it tight. I just assumed she didn't want to be alone, & needed some company while she fell asleep. Afterall her eyes were closed. I watched her face and soon realized her mouth was moving. It took just a minute, but I finally figured out she was praying. Weird kinda, but ok. So, I figured I'd just stand there, let her pray.

The prayer in which she offered, goes something as follows. (The parts I remember.) Half of it is mumbled under her breath, the other half split between spoken, cried, and yelled....

"Lord, thank you. thank you Lord. (repeated at least 6 times.) Thank you for this sweet nurse. Thank you.... and bless her Lord. Bless the girl to meet her sweet parents one day Lord. I know the day is near Lord. Thank you. The day is near and bless she will see her parents again. It is 1912---(pause---what?????) and we know the day is near Lord. The Lord is coming soon. I had a dream. I dreamed we were all at my brothers bed Lord, and all the family was gathered round. All except one brother. One brother Lord. And he was LDS and so we know he didn't make it. Oh bless him Lord. I need to pray for him Lord. Oh Bless him, bless he and his wife, for they were LDS and we know they didn't make it. Oh bless them. I have to pray for them...." Multiple phrases repeated over and over and over. At this point, she is loud! Crying out, and speaking in tongues amist the bless and thank yous, words I could hear, but not understand. I could swear she was saying Hakuna Matata. Who knows.

Here's the picture. So, here I am, in this room with this patient who is pregressively getting louder, and louder, and more emotional and teary, and upset and really into it. And her blood pressure is climbing and climbing...and her heart rate is climbing and climbing....and alarms are ringing, and more alarms are ringing....and I'm standing there...and people are looking in.....and I am standing there, holding her hand and she is loudly praying. I have no control.

Finally I put my hand on her arm, trying to comfort and calm her....and she gets irritated because she doesn't "CARE about her blood pressure cause Jesus will take care of it." Ah!, moral of the story? I don't guess I have one. It was just and interesting conversational/prayer-ish/experience. Thought i'd just warn you LDS-folks. :) We just might not make it.
Funny thing is-never at any point did I mention or even slightly hint at my religion. Wierd.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Old pictures of family.

My cousin Brandy posted some of these pics on facebook, and so I stole them to post on here. I love them. It makes me wish more adults were alive and close in my life to re-tell me the stories I've already heard and forgotten, and also to tell me the ones I haven't heard. This picture is of my dad's parents, apparently gardening. They were cool like that. From my understanding, between the two of them, there was not much they did not know how to do. My favorite of granny (or one of the many) is the fact she used to be a cook at a restaurant where they lived, and John Wayne used to eat there often, and preffered her cooking. She was an AMAZING cook. How cool is that. My granny used to chill with Mr. Wayne back in the day....

Oh man....who knows how old this picture is. They look so young and my dad still has black hair. I don't remember him having black hair in my lifetime. Always salt and pepper ish.

This I love. I actually remember this trip. As a family, and usually with the addition of many friends, we took a trip to Rocky Point Mexico nearly every year. This is way back before it actually became all popular and fixed up. This is aunt Wilda and mom gettin some rays. Who are they joking...well, at least my mom anyway was about as white as they come. She didn't get too tan. :) Apparently my mom was an awesome swimmer. I just remember her always heading out into the ocean to tread water forever...and it always made me soooo nervous.

I just love this picture....cause grampy looks so young.

And I just love this picture because. It's so random! My dad was usually very quiet, calm, laid back. I just love the fun pics. I love remembering. well,,,,,trying to remember more about him. It has been 13 years this year...and I have to sadly admit that I don't remember what it was like to have him around. Sure I remember doing things...and how he was...and random things. But, I do not remember what it's like, in daily life to have a dad. And....remembering what it's like to have a mom is quickly fading in my mind. It's crazy to think....that my spouse never met my cool folks....but that I may have kids.....who won't meet them either.

Anyway....thanks for the pics Brand-ex:) I may need more:)