Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

I didn't really have time to download any other sorry, these have already been posted! I went over to a friends house to get something. This friend, is recently expecting, and her mom was here to spend a week helping prepare the nursey and decorate things in preparation for the baby. It was fun to see them sewing their brains out with blankets, and bumpers, and everything else. It made me happy. then it made me sad. Really.....It just made me long for my mom......
Normally.....I do okay. I don't linger on and on and wallow in the sadness. but I have found the more years go by....the harder it is....
I am sorry for you readers, who continue to read these posts about my parents. But that is life! It's my blog....and I get to write what I want! :)
Anyway....Yesterda was my mom's birthday. So, I just wanted to wish her a
Happy Birthday!
What I wanted to do, is ask for those of you readers who knew my mom..... to leave a comment....and tell me a random memory you may have of her. I anticipate comments about her laughter, or her Chapstick hiding please share! I'm anxious to hear how others knew her:)

Thanks for the memories in advance!