Saturday, March 21, 2009

....And more pictures. I just love re-living this day!

Here is a picture of our rings. I had a nephew be the ring bearer....but he got a little shy in the end. He made it down the isle after some bribery....Then the bow went into a knot and Eric had a hard time getting the rings off the pillow.
I was so nervous walking down stairs in flip flops and that dress. My shoe only got caught on the dress once...and hopefully noone noticed the minor fumble. I was SOOOO nervous....

The ceremony was incredible. Matt wrote it to fit our story, and Debbie, the minister delivered it perfectly. We were very happy.

Another view of my awesome bouquet. Renatta at Seville basically asked what I liked, got a very little feel for my ideas...and then just made it beautiful. Simple, but so so elegant. Couldn't have asked for more! (I keep saying that,,,,but I mean it!)

I noticed in the pics, after the fact, My sweet niece Jessica was trying to give us her 'gift'....the sweetest drawing of Eric and I....and the poor doll just didn't get the chance with how busy we were rushing here and there. Thank you Jessie!, we had a really hard time picking music for this wedding. Had to choose a song for walking down the isle.....(We chose a Yanni song, Felista.) Then we had to choose a song for leaving after being married, a grand entrance to the reception song, and a first dance song.
We debated and debated....and for leaving the ceremony we finally decided to choose the Marvin Gaye song, "Let's get it On." Most likely inappropriate....but absolutely our style and very hillarious. This picture is us, watching the disbelief spread across the face of our photographer, matt, as he realized what song was playing...and was about to come unglued at the DJ. (ok, probably not unglued, but the disbelief was awesome.)

Absolutely LOVE these girls. It's so nice to have friend who can and will drop anything and everything to support you on a dime. I understand, some can't, but would....but Each one of them has a special place in my heart. Laura, (farthest your right) came all the way from Hershey Pennsylvania) and brought awesome candybars wrapped with a picture of Eric and I, and a thank you to our guests. I'll post a pic later.
That was only a portion of what she took into her hands to do for me this weekend. You couldn't ask for better friends. And Alicia for helping fix the hair, nails,,,,,and at the last minute grabbing a guest book for us. Love Love LOVE these girls! Thanks for being so great!

From Left to right, the amazing talent and awesome friends who made this wedding possible, Dani and Matt, (Eric and I) and then Amy and Ryan-two more awesome friends of Eric's (mine too:) ) Amy and Ryan to be hitched in April. So excited for these two.
Matt and Ryan tore up the dance floor....and here, Matt just couldn't keep his hands of Eric's Bum! Good times!
If anyone is ever in need of a most awesome photographer, please check out this website.
You won't be disappointed.
bottom line: this day will replay in my mind forever. The great friendships, the support and love of family....the fun we had with the kids and adults....I now realize why this day is so important. And to think I was ready to elope. So glad I didn't. And I am so thankful to all you who have been congratulating and supporting us. It really means a lot to us.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

More of the Big Day!

Just a few more pictures of the big day. This is our first dance....Wish you could see my dress up close. The train was beautiful! But I am a little partial.

I absolutely LOVED my boquet! The ladies to put it together were awesome with all the decorations and everything. It was wonderful!
I just love this picture!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Gettin Hitched!

Eric and I finally got married! It's true....the planning and event came and went in a real quick hurry, and it was small. But it was perfect! Here are just a few pictures that I have scavenged.....still awaiting the 'real ones.' I decided I hated my hair, but the day was so awesome I forgot til I looked at some pictures:) These are small pics. I will definitely post more when I actually have something to post with it. Just wanted to say I am finally Mrs. Zweifel!