Thursday, April 23, 2009

Riding Horses

Meet Muddy!

This is my first riding experience at Eric's parents. His mom has like 30 some odd horses...and I had been looking forward to riding all weekend, but of course, we took the bad weather with us. It was absolutely beautiful our last day there....which we had to pack and leave, so a day of slight winds and sprinkles was the best we got. I LOVE LOVE LOVED it. Anyone who knows me, knows how obsessed with horses I was for many years when I was young.

My cute boys. This darned dog is the biggest baby....but is so totally scary to others....he scares everyone with his growls, barks and stares. He's our little security system at home:)

This is Dustin, Eric's brother who just got off his mission. 23, single....(awaiting some blind dates:) so if anyone knows anyone in the utah area...he is one cute tall drink of water....) He is a cowboy/horse whisperer to the core. He was the one to catch the horses, saddle and be the first one on them (given, only 2 or 3 had been ridden in months) to make sure they were 'ridable.' Poor guy, I felt like he was pulled in 12 directions at once trying to get enough ridable horses and saddles for 7 of us....thanks Dusty!

I ended up switching to this fiesty gal, peanut! She was quite fun. I kept wanting a 'not so tame' horse, and I got it,,,,though I must admit I got quite nervous when we climbed even the slightest hill.....(I blame that on grandpa Maughn who had told a story about one of his horses falling off a cliff, tumbling end over end for 100's of feet...and living through it.) Ok, so we only climbed 8ft max, but I'm afraid of heights. Baby.....

And this is grandpa Maughn! This man has the most amazing stories...(minus the ones about the horse falling.) He's not a young pup, but totally takes care of himself and lives like he is. Love those type. I felt super bad, cause I'm just certain he heard the few swear words that rolled off my tongue at the horse when she was being stupid. OOPS!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Life after I do....

I keep hearing, "how's married life?" so I thought I'd post a small update. How is married life? Awesome! It is awesome being able to see him every day...and not have to worry about when I can see him, or when he has to leave, or when.....whatever. It's nice just knowing we can relax. We have had some fun in rearranging things to get him settled into 'our' place and organizing our closet....and starting to fix the front yard....and me learning how to make food for both of us. I think it still floors me how much food them males can eat. And he is wonderfully patient with my complete incompetence in the kitchen. I do remember my mom often calling me into the kitchen at home, attempting to teach me a thing or two....but I definitely was not interested at that time....nor for many years after. Boy am I feeling the after pains of that dumb-ness.

Whitecap Dental Studio is doing fairly well. Actually really well. I just hesitate in saying so for fear of my bad luck and jinxing it. They are growing with each month and I think working into a sort of system that works for them. There is still a lot to learn and do, but they are working it out. At least, that is how it appears.

The intensive care unit (my job) is going better. It is still pretty crazy. I fear everyday that I will make some small minute mistake or miss a small subtle change in someone, which will backfire and harm them in some way...but I am learning that feeling is just the nature of the beast. I am becoming a tiny bit more comfortable with the extra equipment and interpretation, etc. I guess maybe by the end of the month I may be out on my own to find my own comfort zone. Can't wait.

I did send out thank you cards to some....but if I missed anyone, THANK YOU!!!! and for those of you who have wished us happy thoughts, and left message, I thank you all so much for your support and friendship. Things are going great and I'm excited for what's ahead.

PS- It's true. When you're not married, the question is, "when ya gonna get married." Then you get married and it's, "when you gonna have kids." Answer: Not yet. Maybe in a year we'll start toying with the idea. FYI-incase anyone else is curious. :)