Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is it time????

Well, I have debated and debated on when to post THIS....of all posts. I think many of you will agree it is definitely a delicate matter, and timing is important.

Well....Here goes. Somewheres...around the 7th of January 2011.....the newest addition of our little family should be making their grand entrance. That's right folks! After about 10 months of trying, 2 rounds of clomid,(which I realize is very minor), the worst Hot Flashes I have EVER experienced in my life, we finally will be having a baby! We couldn't be more excited,,,,or more nervous. I'm 12 weeks this Friday, and feel like it's time to share the news.

On August 23rd we will find out if it's a Him or a Her....(though I keep thinking girl)-Any guesses?

Anyway....that's the latest and greatest from the Zweifel household. Now I have only months to train my dogs they CAN'T jump up on everything. There is work to do....OH, and if this nausea could stop anytime soon,,,,that would be AWESOME!