Friday, January 23, 2009

Check out the New Place!

So i thought I would add a few pics of my new place. I have taken my jolly time in putting things away....and Have a great need to get some more if anyone has advice on what to put where, please share. I am HORRIBLE at decorating and could use all the help I can get. This first pic is part of the kitchen.

This is coming in the front door. That's Drake, the guard dog, who follows me around more so than my two little dogs. To the left is the office which has my piano in it. a picture is later....

Here's the ole' bedroom. That mirror was supposed to go in the living room, but because of the set up, and a thermostat in the way, it really won't fit anywhere in there right, so we put it above my bed. I think I like it there. And for now it keeps me from wanting a new bed frame. :)
Here's another view into the living room. It's much bigger than my place in Tucson.
And here is my piano. Took it from my mom's house, which was sad, but I am so excited to have it here. I am waiting for the piano tuner, but I sat down at it last night and just started playing....It felt good to play the piano again. I obviously lacked a LOT in my skills, but it was none-the-less a blast.
There is a whole upstairs with a 2nd full bathroom, and two extra bedrooms with a small common area. I really like the house. Oh, and we have a 3 car garage. The house has neighbors on one side (whom I don't think exist. The house has noone in it) and a part on the other side. So, needless to say, its a great place. It takes me about 30 minutes to get to work and walk inside,,,,and when Eric finally gets to move in it will take him about 20-25 minutes to get to work in the OTHER direction.

I started my new job this past week, well, last week, but this week I actually started on the floor. It is the surgical ICU, and I really think I'll like it. It moves at a VERY quick pace, and is a little backward from what I'm used to. The busiest parts of the day start coming around lunch time, when the surgeries, ( i.e-open heart, thoracotomies, Neuros, etc) start rolling through the door. Before it was the morning was crazy busy, and the rest of the day (on a good day) kinda slowed just a tad. Anyway, the people seem great and though I'm still scared, and even more excited. It's gonna be great.
Eric's endeavor, AKA the Whitecap Dental Studio is taking off. They have been pretty darn busy while they iron out the remainder of the 'start your own business' kinks. I have to admit, after an EXTREMELY rough start, things truly are working out and I am super proud of both he and Sean. There are many adventures ahead! Good times!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Made it to Idaho!

After a very lengthy drive last saturday, Eric, me and three dogs left at 645 am...and made it to Boise, Meridian to be exact around 1130 pm. It was bitter sweet to get here. It made the move real but put an end to the cramped ride! Thank goodness!

We have spent many hours un-packing and attempting to put things away. My rental house here is twice as big as my tucson rental, so I'm still figuring out where to put things. Poor Eric is been stretched in two directions. Unpacking and organizing well as putting his lab together. After many weeks of kicking and screaming (not really) He and Sean's lab is almost at functioning capacity. How exciting that is! I think both of them have reached their stress limit as their goal and plans have been postponed by a month and a half. I'm completely excited to watch them take off in their business adventure!

So far I really like it here. There has been snow, ice, slush, and low temperatures, but there are some aspects that remind me of home. Of course its bigger, but somewhat the same. I start work Monday, found a gym, and started making this house comfy for me. Things are rolling along and the people here have been very friendly. My neighbors came over the first day and even shoveled snow one day. The landlords of my house are this real young couple who own three houses in the area.

I don't have many pics, but I'll post when I transfer them. The other great part is watching my dogs jump through the snow like little rabbits! They seem to love it and are adjusting to this strange place. I miss my family...or at least the idea of my family being close by, but all will be fine. Here's to a new start and exciting adventures! Don't have any further wedding plans yet. Sorry:(