Monday, July 27, 2009

Zion National Park

This year, we had a reunion for my mom's side of the family. The Bowers!
The last time i remember us all being together, well besides for grandma bowers funeral, then my mom's funeral, was way back when I was 13-14 years old. We just don't get together that often. It was great. We stayed at Zion Ponderosa some camped, some stayed in their travel trailers, some camped with tents....and it was awesome. they had a big nice pool with fun water slides and a huge barn full of kid activities: Ping pong, rock climbinb, tennis, trampoline, pool, etc. It was great.
We spend one day actually at Zion park. Only took a small hike to the weeping wall. So this huge rock just leaks water pretty much. The water is years and years and years old. Crazy. It was a nice cool off to a hot day. On the way home, i took this picture of Korey, who was SOOOO tired and SOOO fighting it. I finally caught his eyes closed, but they popped right back open... just a family thing. there are many pics in the history of our family....with our tongues touching our noses. I thought everyone could do it. Tis not so! Try it.

So.....this picture is....
Leisel-representing my mom
Cynthis-representing uncle Ken, although they been divorced for years, she is and will always be our family
Dave and Linda Su-mom's oldest brother
Susie and Lynn-mom's baby sister
then John and Judy-mom's bro
and Bob and Pat-mom's bro

It was so hot, and Eric tried to be happy following around this strange family to him :) No matter where he went, he always ended up surrounded by our nieces and nephews.

At the pool, he would take turns, sliding down with the kids standing in front of him, and when they got to the edge, he would throw them out into the water. Good times. Looked way fun and kinda hard.

It was great to see family. Of course, it didn't go without 'issues' but what family function does. Love my family. Will see them in TWO years:) for Grandpa Bowers 100th birthday remembrance/celebration.

Lake lowell- i think.

Eric's partner, Sean, and his wife Tina took Eric and I, and Andy and Jen to the lake a couple weeks ago. I was reluctant to go....only because I'm always tired now-a-days, but it was a blast! There was wake boarding, Knee boarding, some tubing. I'm not too good at all. But it was fun. Here is Eric trying to do the sprinkler move just before he crashed.

Looking silly, but having a blast.

Eric again....wanting to do more than just go forward. I.e-jump, spin, roll, dive....whatever.

Here is Sean and one of his jumps.

I think the jacket was a bit......loose.:)

Good times. Thanks Sean and Tina for an awesome time. Gotta say, I hope we go again before it gets cold. Afterwards there was yummy pizza and a mad rockband session! Couldn't ask for more.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July....part I

Part one of the 4th of July trip, did have the class reunion. Afterwards, I decided to go keep Laura and Clare and their husbands and other friends company at Java Blues! Good Good times. People say the darndest things with the littlest of alcohol in their system. VERY entertaining.

This is Connie Slade (forgot her new last name) with her daughter Angela and my sister Angie with Cimmeron. I cannot believe how much he has grown. He hates when we tease him, but it completely trips me out that his voice has changed. He is no-longer little CJ. But my little buddy, none the less. Love this kid.
Zoe and Ali, doing a bunch of different faces for me. This was the angry face. These girls are Girls through and through. Love it.

Zoe is into posing. So this is us together after her family's photo shoot.

Another one of cimmeron and me. Look how close he is to totally passing me. This is NOT Allowed!

The Kam! So dramatic sometimes. Refusing to smile for a picture with his mom.

Tom, Marnie and "Little Man." Also known as Korey.
this is all the nieces and nephews, minus Cimmeron and Jonathan....oh, and Kristina (the brand new baby.) Gonna have to get used to saying 13 nieces and nephews. Not just 12. Ok, from back left curving around the table to the front... Zachary, Kameron, Korey, Kaulin, Ali, Catherin, Samantha, Zoe, and Jessica. Wait, that means I'm missing Keilani too. I think she was in the bedroom playing.
This little turkey, has not warmed up to me yet at all. But once he saw me with a camera, he kept wanting pictures taken of him on his horses. I told him to make a silly face for me. This is what I got:)
This trip home was much needed. Feeling so detached and far away from my family has been much harder than I thought, as well as harder than i wanna admit. It was awesome seeing friends too. I was extra happy to come back to see Eric and my little 'family' of dogs. Something about the trip helped me gain a little perspective and that I appreciate.

4th of July trip....part II

Sorry, but I'm gonna post a lot of pics from my trips over the 4th. I was able to go to Arizona for my 10-year class reunion, and to see my all my little nieces and nephews....and then I was able to fly up to Montana to meet Eric for his mom's side family reunion. We stayed at a place called seeley lake, and camped. It was awesome! So pretty. It was warm in the sun, and chili in the clouds. The summer high was in the 60's. It was awesome. One of the days, most of the family took a hike up to a really pretty waterfall. Eric and I decided to ride our bikes instead. Thank goodness for that. I didn't feel like hiking 3.1 or so miles one way. That just takes too long.
Once we got to the waterfall, there was a place to hike up to see other waterfalls. I HATE it was difficult for me, but Eric just kept going and going.....

Here is Eric and some of his cousins....

Before the trek up to find the hidden falls...

One of the pretty lakes in the area.

Our stop to take the picture. Not a great pic, especially of me, but it was a good time together.

Me, keeping as far away from the edge of the top of the first fall.

And of Course, Eric, out IN the falls....It's only a 400ft drop right behind him.

Here is the actual first fall.