Monday, December 22, 2008

Good Times

So, this past weekend, I got to watch my niece and nephew while their parents took a little time out to California. They were so funny. We went to see the lights at the temple...and they were all about random poses.

One night, another nephew joined us and we ventured to the Imax to watch The Polar Express "with glasses on"-as Zoe told her parents. I think the some of the animation got me for squirmy in my seat than any kid there. Bringing my dogs is always a hit. But these two had more fun playing and locking and in and out....with this cage than anything.

Cimmeron (my nephew) has turned into quite the trombon-ist. I went to Sierra Vista for his winter band concert. I was quite impressed. He participated in the Jazz Band, regular concert band, and even a low-brass quartet which had to practice on their own time in order ro perform. He is such a good boy. I canNOT believe he will be in high school next year. I'm so proud of him. (the little guy is Kameron, another nephew.)

Here is most of Cimm's personal crowd. His mom, CJ, Kameron, Marnie, Kaulin, Tom, Eric and Ali.